Different Types of Board Games in the Market

Board Games

Playing board games is one of the oldest human hobbies, which is welcomed and enjoyed by almost all nationalities. Since the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons or Magic; The Gathering, the genre for board games has increased. People are tapping into newer, more sophisticated ways of making board games to attract customers from different sections.

If you aren’t already aware, different board games aim at entertaining everyone equally.


These are the types of games that follow no specific theme. So many players have stated that they follow no specific storyline and are completely disconnected from the real world that they might as well not exist. One of the best examples is Draughts and Go, which has no storyline and does not follow a specific theme.

Examples: Tak, Shobu, Hive, Santorini, chess, Draughts, Azul, and other sequels.

Area control

Area control

These board games are revolved around defining a particular space, and the players usually compete against one another in the given space. They work to maintain dominance in that area by strategically removing the opponent’s pieces and placing their own. The control can also be brought through denying access to the opponents to their restricted areas.

Examples: Small world, Blood Rage, Nanty Narking, Risk, Scrabble, and many others

Legacy games

These games are followed by individual plays and scenarios related to the gameplay. Here, the actions performed in one scenario will affect the outcome of other scenarios; hence, a small decision of the player will affect the flow of the game. Generally, these games are played for one-time experiences, and some actions include applying stickers, tearing up cards, and others.

Examples: Pandemic Legacy, Chaterstone, Gloomhaven Betrayal Legacy, and others


In these types of board games, the players are provided with a different set of options to choose from, which usually include dice or playing cards. A player must select one from the bunch; the remaining is for other players. It will have a central pool of choices that are crashed between different players.

Examples: 7 wonders, Villagers, Sushi Go, etc.

Dungeon crawler games

Dungeon crawler games

As the name suggests, these games have characters that have to be played through dungeons and other locations, often in the form of a book or a square grid. These games mainly aim to defeat enemies, and players control the movements, whether with software or manually.

Examples: Mansions of Madness, Mice, and Mystics, Star Wars: Imperial Assaults, Gloomhaven

Roll and write

In this, the most obvious movement of the game is to roll and move the characters to reach their outcome. Every move of the player helps determine the game’sgame’s direction, which is done after every roll of the dice.

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