Los Buenos

Prototype – version 50!
At the feet of the Andes, an earthquake has leveled the once-beautiful village of Los Buenos. Now each of the families of the village is working hard to rebuild their beloved town. And they need your help!

Of course nobody in the village is superstitious: Earthquakes just happen. But… You never know… It certainly won’t hurt to build up a bit of karma, so that if anything bad happens again, you’ll be sure to be spared the worst of it…

And of course the best way of building up karma is by helping others!

In the game you will be at the head of a family of inhabitants of Los Buenos, doing your best to rebuild your village. For this you’ll be working with the other families, trying to outsmart them in how much good you can do.

Los Buenso (previously “Voluntarios”) is the game I’ve spent most time in creating (running towards 2 years and 50 iterations of the prototype…). Of course development and testing is never done, but I’m getting close to being able to ship this! Before then however I’ll need to do just a few more tests… So if you’re interested in helping me test (drop by, or get a print-and-play version), let me know at b.reinink@makethemplay.com?