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An early version of "Voluntarios", the game I've put most effort into
An early version of “Voluntarios”, the game I’ve put most effort into
It was 2005 when I left university and eagerly threw myself into this strange thing they called a “job”. And where I went from having no money and lots of time to do fun stuff, I went to decent money and little time for the good things in life.

One job led to another and while the money slowly got better, the time didn’t really.

Ten years passed, in which I learned a lot of things and had a great time. But as the years added up, there was a growing feeling of: “Is this it?”

So by the end of 2015 I decided to quit what I was doing and to pursue something more worthwhile: I would be a board-game designer!

I had been playing games for the better part of my life, so that part of it I had down. But the other side, the actually creating something from scratch? Not a clue!

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