It was 2016. After ten years of working as a corporate drone I decided that it was time to take a sabbatical and do something I actually enjoyed: Board game design! I figured it would take me a few months to get a game published and then I could go back to having a “normal” job again. I was wrong…

When starting my design I thought back on something I had read a while before: The best way to learn is by teaching. So I decided to write about what I learned about board game design. The result is the blog you’re now reading.

At the time of writing this it’s February 2018. My game hasn’t been published (it’s getting closer though!), I’ve gone back to corporate life for a year and left it again: I’m now working as a freelance board game designer!

I hope you enjoy my writing and that it’s able to help you in your design endeavors. If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or any other reason, contact me at:
E-mail: b.reinink@makethemplay.com
Twitter: @b_reinink

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