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The most useful prototyping component

I’ve signed up to quite a few gyms over time. Some of them I went to very regularly and others I showed up twice and never looked back. What was the difference between them? One simple thing: Distance! When it comes to gyms, I’ve found that the amount of friction of going needs to be as small as possible. The same holds true for prototyping.

I’ve had hundreds of ideas for amazing games that never went further than a light bulb over my head. Because usually I’d be doing something else, not having access to a computer or my other design stuff, and the idea would die a quiet death. Or even worse, I just couldn’t be bothered to actually take the time to create the components; it was just too much work to fire up the computer, create a bunch of cards (in whatever editor), print them out, cut them to size, put them in sleeves (with a playing card for strength) and only then be able to test out my idea.

The above is the first two paragraphs of the guest post I wrote for GameGoodness. Want to read the rest? Go visit them!

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