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Learning about board-games. Or: Why this blog?

An early version of "Voluntarios", the game I've put most effort into
An early version of “Voluntarios”, the game I’ve put most effort into
It was 2005 when I left university and eagerly threw myself into this strange thing they called a “job”. And where I went from having no money and lots of time to do fun stuff, I went to decent money and little time for the good things in life.

One job led to another and while the money slowly got better, the time didn’t really.

Ten years passed, in which I learned a lot of things and had a great time. But as the years added up, there was a growing feeling of: “Is this it?”

So by the end of 2015 I decided to quit what I was doing and to pursue something more worthwhile: I would be a board-game designer!

I had been playing games for the better part of my life, so that part of it I had down. But the other side, the actually creating something from scratch? Not a clue!

I read a lot. And I experimented. Found some people who wanted to get into this with me. And said goodbye to most of those people again as well. I started on ten different board-game designs and got one to a point where it at the very least is “decent” (Voluntarios, see the screenshot above).

While doing all of that, I continued to read. Books, blogs, tweets. But for everything I learned, there were at least 3 new questions popping up. Some of which I would find answers to, but some of which lingered on. Until I spent the time to actually dig into them and figure it out for myself.

Some ideas started to come together.
1) I’ve been writing a personal blog for over 5 years now.
2) After the designing is done I’m going to have to sell, which means marketing; (the horror!).
3) I remembered a quote I heard a long time ago, which I at the time dismissed as being silly: ”The best way to learn, is to teach.”

So this blog is a new experiment, another step on the road of becoming a game designer. I’ll share my thoughts and ideas, the things that I tried that worked and the ones that didn’t work. I’ll share what I learn from all of it.

Because with a few more years of experience the quote doesn’t seem that silly anymore. The best way to learn really is to teach!

I hope that you will share your own thoughts, ideas, reaction. The things you agree on, the parts where you vehemently disagree.

The subtitle of this blog is “Learning about board-games”. That hopefully holds for the people reading it. But it most certainly holds for myself.

Please help me to learn!

Bastiaan_smallHi, I’m Bastiaan. The goal of this blog is to learn about game design. That’s hopefully for you as the reader, but just as much for me as the writer.

Help me to learn? Leave a comment or connect with me on Twitter?

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